"...entrust these things to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." - 2 Timothy 2:2


Our Team

Robert H. Hill

Founding Member


Θεοδόσης Καρβουνάκης


Mark Doebler

Dean of Students

Στέφανος Μιχαλιός

Academic Dean

Ιωάννης Π. Κρεμμύδας

Professor of Biblical Studies

Μυρτώ Θεοχάρους

Professor of Hebrew & Old Testament

Γιώργος Καλαντζής

Professor of Philosophy & Apologetics

G. Cymbaluk

Director of the International Student Program

Regular Visiting Professors

Αργύρης Πέτρου

Professor of Applied Theology

Γεώργιος Γούδας

Professor of Christian Witness & Catechesis

Παναγιώτης Κανταρτζής

Professor of Old Testament

Γεώργιος Αδάμ

Professor of New Testament

Αναστάσιος Μαρκουλιδάκης

Professor of Church Administration

Σωτήρης Μπούκης

Professor of Systematic Theology

Δημήτρης Ουλής

Professor of Sociology of Religion

Γεώργιος Τόλιας

Professor of Christian Witness & Catechesis


Ιωάννα Αγιάνογλου


Ολυμπία Τασούλη

Finance Manager

Μανόν Μακρή-Μιχαλιού

Christian Service Director

Δανάη Διαμαντάτου

Educational Consultant

Όλγα Πολίτη

Library Director

Dominic Mayland

Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor

Tonia Malai

Food Service Director

Visiting Professors

The following list includes everyone who has taught or is teaching regularly or just from time to time. Every year there are about 2-3 remarkable visits from foreign theological schools, either from Europe or North America. For the enrichment of the College, we usually ask from these professors to teach specialized classes in their distinguished field(s) of research and publications. Their lectures are video-recorded for further use in classes of supervised research.