"...entrust these things to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." - 2 Timothy 2:2


Living at the College

The Greek Bible College occupies a property of five and a half acres in Pikermi of Attica, Greece. It is situated on the way to Marathon between Pallini and Rafina, 21 km east of central Athens. The dormitory building includes student residence and flats for married students and College staff. It also includes a student lounge, a kitchen/dining room, as well as a laundry and drier room to be used by the students. The College has some private car and motorcycle parking space and other facilities.

The College is located 100 meters from the center of the town of Pikermi. Pikermi is served by public transportation and it is not far from Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos. It is located in an area that is developing rapidly where new homes and shops are constantly being built. The intercity bus toward Nomismatokopeio passes from Pikermi every 30 minutes and the bus (314) passes with about the same frequency. The bus stop is about 300 meters from the entrance of the College. The city bus passes by the station of the Suburban Railway and the Metro in Pallini, while it ends at the junction of the Metro and the Suburban Railway in Doukissis-Plakentias.

College Life - Meals

Student Meals

  • The College dining room offers breakfast from Monday to Friday and lunch from Monday to Saturday. Dinners and weekend meals are the responsibility of the student as it is also the case during College holidays. The cost for the meals offered is included in the fees for the College student residents.
  • Students who are not residents, friends and relatives of the students and visitors, may eat in the College dining room if they notify the kitchen early enough (by 10 a.m.) and pay the cost of the requested meal. Consult the College secretary for the related charges.
  • No discount or refunds are made in case of absence or abstention from meals.
  • Students who happen to reside in the dorms during holidays are not entitled to the meals prepared by the College since they are not participating in the programs running during that time.

Sports Facilities

Effective learning requires good physical and psychological health which is known to be influenced by factors such as proper nutrition, rest and physical exercise. The College is equipped with the appropriate sports equipment, basketball, volleyball or badminton courts and a small gym. The College is also surrounded by areas for walking and jogging. We encourage our students to make use of these facilities, but to do it during permitted hours in order to avoid disturbing others and it is not to the detriment of their study. There are more sporting facilities, including courts and gyms, accessible in the nearby area of Pikermi and Pallini.

Student Life - Sports
Student Life - Classrooms


The "Jeffrey W. Baldwin" academic building consists of the faculty office, library and the classrooms.

The College has four main classrooms separated by movable partitions, so that together they can form a single room for the needs of the College. Each room contains a whiteboard, and a projector for electronic presentation.

The College classrooms are available for special conferences and seminars. Individuals or groups interested in using the College's facilities may request information from the College administration.