"...entrust these things to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." - 2 Timothy 2:2



Μανόν Μακρή-Μιχαλιού


Manon Macris-Mihalios

  • Christian Service Director

Manon is a graduate of the Greek Bible College and she has earned the following certificates: 1) CDA – Child Development Associate Certificate, 2) Private Investigator License).

As Christian Service Director, Manon encourages students to embody their faith and what they learn in class by practicing their special talents. Through personal meetings with students, she connects them with ministries of local churches and evangelical community organizations. She also promotes the cultivation of a missionary vision by organizing the annual ministry exhibition and other programs.

Her experience in the fields of education, research and church planting, helps her to put her little stone in the inspiration, supply and education of people who desire to serve in Greece and around the world, for the glory of God. What makes her especially happy is the personal acquaintance with the students and to see their development up close!