"...entrust these things to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." - 2 Timothy 2:2


Fees (Greek Program)

Beyond the academic side, the Greek Bible College wants to provide a home and a family for its students. It is a space in which a student is formed through his/her relationships with teachers and other students. The majority of the college students prefer to live in the college dorms, although some students, for various reasons, choose outside residence. Consequently, the college students are divided between resident and non-resident students and they are charged accordingly.

The college charges for each student represent the 27% of the total cost of tuition/accommodation. The remaining 73% of the expenses is covered by donations from churches and friends of the college who make the operation of the College possible.

The following information is valid for the next academic year. The College reserves the right to make possible adjustments in cases of tax changes or other economic circumstances which may affect the VAT.

1. Registration Fee

The candidate, together with his/her application, must pay a registration fee of €30. This fee is not refundable.

2. Student Fees

2.A Resident Student Fees

Tuition / Board Fees: €4.955,00

  1. According to the current rules of the national revenue office, accommodation must incur a VAT of 13% and meals a VAT of 13%.
  2. Tuition installments are paid in 2 equal installments of €1.150,00 and must be paid in full by the third week of each semester.
  3. Living expenses are paid in 9 equal installments of €295,00 which are given respectively by the 20th of each month.
  4. Whoever prepays the entire amount of tuition fees and living expenses by the end of September will have a discount of 3%. In the case of payment delays 1% is incurred on the outstanding amount each month.
  5. The aforementioned costs presuppose the mandatory service of each student (one hour per day from Monday to Friday).
  6. For second year resident students there is a discount of €500.00 for R&B, and for third year students there is a discount of €700.00 per year.

2.B. Non-Resident Student expenses

Tuition: €2.620,00

This amount is paid in 2 equal installments of €1.310,00 and must be paid in full by the third week of each semester.

Other Fees

For expenses regarding non-regular students, auditors, lodging, meals etc., please contact the secretary of the College by email at contact@grbc.gr or by phone.

Payment Methods

For ways of payment contact the accounting office of the College by email at accounting@grbc.gr or by phone.