"...entrust these things to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." - 2 Timothy 2:2



If you have any questions and/or need additional information about the College, please feel free to contact us!

Christou Adamopoulou 8-12, Pikermi 190 09, Greece


(+30) 210 6038 802
(+30) 210 6038 944
(+30) 210 6038 946
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How to reach us

From Athens

  1. Find your way to the Blue Line of a Metro station that goes to the Airport.
  2. Ride the Blue line and get off at the Doukissis Plakentias Metro Station.
  3. Go upstairs and get on bus #314 with the same ticket.
  4. Ride for about 30 minutes until the bus approaches the town of Pikermi.
  5. Get off at the Pikermi bus stop 3rd Pikermiou (Look for a drugstore and a Greek Orthodox Church on your right).
  6. Cross the street, and walk into Christou Adamopoulou St. (you will find it between a pharmacy and a children’s amusement center).
  7. Keep going for 1/4 of a block and you should see the Campus on the right side.


From the Airport

Option #1

  1. Take a Taxi and ask to be taken to the center of Pikermi.
  2. Turn left at Christou Adamopoulou St. right between a pharmacy and a children’s amusement center.
  3. Keep going for 1/4 of a block and you should see the Campus on the right side.

This option will cost you around 40 euros with luggage. You may manage to negotiate the price before you hire the Taxi, but normally the price breaks down to what the meter reads, plus 3 euros for the tolls, plus an extra fee for your luggage, plus a night fee if it is during the night hours. Tip is optional and not expected.

Option #2

  1. Take the Proastiakos train (Suburban railway) from the airport. It leaves every 15 minutes.
  2. Get off at the Pallini station.
  3. Go up on the street level and at the bus stop wait for bus #314. Make sure you get the one that goes towards Pallini and Pikermi.

Please note that Proastiakos train as well as #314 do not run all night.

Around 8-10 euros.