"...entrust these things to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." - 2 Timothy 2:2


The Greek Bible College is the fruit of the offerings of many friends and churches from all over the world. The friends of our College are people who have either experienced the benefits of theological education themselves, or have come to recognize the value of the knowledge of the Scriptures for a significant social presence that makes a difference in the world.

Partner with us in this valuable work so that we can work together in giving the opportunity to more and more people to be equipped in the Scriptures and be able to serve Greece and the wider world.



What are the needs?

Running costs and bills, library resources, student scholarships, staff salaries and more.


How can I help?

In many different ways:

1) I would like to support students who are in financial need (we shall provide student names)

2) I would like to support potential student candidates who do not have the money to study (we shall give you student candidate names)

3) I would like to purchase some books for the library (we shall provide a list with titles we need)

4) I would like to advertise the Greek Bible College to my church, my university, my acquaintances (we shall send you informative material)

5) I would like to help cover the most urgent financial need the college is currently facing (we shall inform you)

6) I would like to become a regular partner with you through monthly / yearly support


Feel free to tell us ways in which you are able to participate in the work of the Greek Bible College.

We express our gratitude in advance!


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