"...entrust these things to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." - 2 Timothy 2:2

Requirements (for the Greek Programs)

1. The Greek Bible College only accepts the applications of adults. Applications made by candidates of up to 18 years of age must have a signed approval from a parent or a legal guardian.

2. All interns must have a health certificate and complete the relative forms supplied by the College Registrar.

3. Each candidate must responsibly affirm that he/she has embraced the Christian faith for a minimum of one year and must sign the College’s Statement of Faith.

4. Every candidate must give the names of three persons who are able to recommend him/her. It is preferable that at least one of them is a pastor, elder or minister who knows the candidate well and the other two who are called to verify the candidate’s Christian character must not be his/her relatives.

5. Every candidate must be a Lyceum graduate (or of an equivalent secondary education institution). Older candidates may be accepted by exception, without having graduated from a Lyceum, after approval by the Applications Committee. The number of such students accepted by the College is very restricted and regular status is achieved after a 6 month trial period. If their performance proves satisfactory, it is possible for them to continue as regular students, but they can only receive a certificate verifying the classes they took.

6. For the one-year diploma, the same requirements are in place. In order for a one-year graduate to continue on to the full-program, he/she must have the first year completed successfully with an average grade of 7/10.


Students with Disabilities

The academic building of the college is equipped with an elevator that accommodates the needs of people using wheelchairs and provides accessibility to all the basic academic areas. A toilet for people with special needs is also available on the ground floor of the academic building.

In cases of dyslexia or other learning disabilities, the college examines each case individually and the committee for academic affairs decides how to arrange appropriate grading methods for the student, if possible.

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International Student Program
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