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ECTS credits

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

The College follows the European system of credit hours ECTS, which is required for implementation in every country that has signed the Bologna Agreement. This system is based on the total calculated work time of the student for the achievement of specific learning outcomes. The academic year consists of 60 ECTS credits, with a work load which is calculated to about 1.500 to 1.800 hours for the school year. Consequently, one ECTS credit corresponds to 25-30 hours of work (inside and outside the classroom).

Relationship between ECTS and Semester hours

Traditionally the college followed (and continues to follow) the semester hour system where 1 Semester Hour equals 15 hours of teacher-student contact in class and about 2 hours of study outside class. This system is prevalent in the US and it is important for us to preserve it so that classes will be transferable with greater ease to theological institutions in the US.

Generally speaking, one (1) semester hour corresponds to 1,5 – 2 ECTS credits, depending on the workload of each class. The following table shows the equivalencies.

Semester Credit Hours

Semester Credit hours = lecture hrs + study hrs


sem. hrs  = 15 lecture hrs + 30 study hrs= 45 hrs

sem. hrs = 30 lecture hrs + 60 study hrs= 90 hrs

sem. hrs = 45 lecture hrs + 90 study hrs= 135 hrs

sem. hrs = 60 lecture hrs + 120 study hrs=180 hrs

ECTS Credits

ECTS credits = total hours of study


ECTS =    25-30 total hours of study

ECTS =    50-60 total hours of study

ECTS =    75-90 total hours of study

ECTS = 100-120 total hours of study

ECTS = 125-150 total hours of study

ECTS = 150-180 total hours of study

ECTS = 175-210 total hours of study

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