"...entrust these things to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." - 2 Timothy 2:2

Academic Programs

The College offers the following academic programs:

A. The Full Program (comparable to a Bachelor of Theology, three-year program)

This program offers a Certificate of Studies of level B (comparable to a Bachelor of Theology and certified by the European Evangelical Accrediting Association) and is the main program of studies of the Greek Bible College. The goal of this program is to inspire the student with the vision of a worldwide mission, to equip with the appropriate historical, biblical and theological knowledge which will help the student interpret the Bible correctly throughout his/her life and to train the student so that he/she is able to serve effectively in various areas of Christian ministry.

Β. Τhe One-Year Program

If for various reasons one is not able to follow the Full Program, the One-Year Program offers an alternative option. The One-Year Program is designed to give the foundations necessary for being equipped in the respective areas of the program. It also functions as the “first year” of the Full Program, giving one the opportunity to continue their education and complete the Full Program if desired.

C. International Study Program (formerly known as “Alpha” Program) (in English)

The courses offered in the Greek one-year program are offered as well in English. This program serves students who are of Greek heritage but who live in other countries and do not know Greek well, as well as other individuals throughout the world who are interested in a year of study in Greece. For details concerning this program, potential applicants may speak with Dr. Gianopulos or Mr. James Finke. [for more details click here]

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International Student Program
(Alpha Program)