"...entrust these things to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." - 2 Timothy 2:2

Nine reasons why the International Student Program is unique!

1. Study the Scriptures with outstanding Bible teachers!

In addition to our well-qualified faculty and staff, each semester, seminary and college professors from Europe and North America are invited to teach. They are committed to a Christian worldview and have the ability to expand your understanding by exploring different perspectives to the Bible and theology. Visiting professors stay on campus and are readily available for interaction in and out of the classroom.

2. Grow spiritually in a unique, discipleship – oriented atmosphere!

Members of the faculty and staff of the GrBC are committed to the spiritual growth of our students. Many opportunities exist for staff and students alike to learn, serve and grow together. The friendly college setting means that you are known and cared for. The program is co-directed by an on-site adjunct professor from Liberty University (LU), who resides in Greece and has joint appointment with the GrBC. A faculty member of the Greek Bible College will serve as your personal advisor. Following admission, your faculty advisor will work with you in advising, counselling, tutoring and praying with you.

3. Earn credits that transfer to other Christian colleges and universities!

The International Student Program certificate can either stand on its own or provide the foundation for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in the future. International Student Program completers can earn up to 39 semester hours, which are accepted for transfer toward the Associate in Arts Degree (AA Degree) through LU. You can complete the second year of study via distance learning if you wish, or on the campus of LU located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Other universities and colleges in the United States and Canada may also accept credits earned at the GrBC. *

*Students should be aware, however, that the final decision regarding the transfer of credits rests with the receiving institution, and that not all credits may transfer.

4. Complete college foreign language requirements!

Students have the option of taking three credit hours of Modern Greek each semester. Moreover, there will be lots of opportunity to practice speaking Modern Greek with Greek-speaking students who are concurrently enrolled in the Greek program. You will have earned six additional hours that will satisfy most of the foreign language requirements for a future degree at institutions in the United States and Canada where you are accepted for further study.

5. Receive an invaluable education while saving thousands of dollars!

The cost of room, board and tuition for the current college year at the GrBC amounts to approximately $8,200 (€6,460), excluding the cost of textbooks, optional trips, airfares and out-of-pocket expenses. This compares very favourably with the equivalent cost of a first year in the United States at institutions into which you could transfer your credits at a later stage*. To support your learning and research, you will enjoy access to a library comprising 17,000 volumes, as well as wifi internet available throughout the campus.

* Tuition for the full academic year includes pre-program advisory services, on-site orientation, complete support services throughout the program, post-program follow-up, and one transcript. Tuition may be subject to change from year to year.

6. Enjoy a unique cross-culture experience!

Located on the outskirts of Athens, at the halfway point of the original marathon run, just a few miles from the Aegean Sea, the GrBC provides a unique setting for study. Living and studying in the place where Christianity entered Europe, will deepen your understanding of the New Testament, and increase your ability to communicate its message. Moreover, the international nature of the student body offers a great opportunity to interact cross-culturally.

7. Step out of your comfort zone and into a new venture!

Sometimes it is easy to become comfortable in familiar surroundings close to home. Your year at GrBC will challenge you to step out of your “comfort zone” and into places where you will find yourself depending on the Lord in a special way each day.

8. Explore Greece!

There is ample free time at weekends and in the Christmas and Spring breaks to explore the many treasures that Greece has to offer, including the ancient sites of Delphi, Mycenae, Epidauros, Meteora and Corinth. There are also many opportunities, particularly at weekends, to travel, visit museums and churches, and volunteer at Christian ministries.

9. Build a foundation for life!

You will be encouraged in your commitment to a Christian life. You will learn to defend your faith and discover the gifts and talents God has given you to serve Him. Whatever you do in life, whether you go on to schools of higher education or return to serve in your home church, you will have laid a solid foundation. Add to this the thrill of being in the birthplace of the expansion of Christianity and you have the ingredients for a “one-year opportunity of a lifetime.” Enrollments are limited, so apply early to ensure a place for yourself in the International Student Program.

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