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ISP Tuition & Fees

Tuition / Room & Board

Due to the financial difficulties that some are experiencing in relation to COVID-19 and because of the possibilities of required program changes due to forthcoming Greek Educational Authority restrictions, the Greek Bible College is offering International Program Students of the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Academic year a 15% fee reduction. So, instead of the total cost of €10,650 per year, total cost for a semester for the current year only amounts to:
 - Tuition for 2 semesters: € 5,300
 - R & B for 2 semesters: € 3,750
Total for the year: € 9,050 (estimate in USD $11,000)

Other Fees

Application fee: € 35 - nonrefundable
Visa Paperwork Assistance Fee: € 200 (for non-EU citizens only) - nonrefundable
Room deposit - payable at arrival: € 100 - refundable if no damage to room


Application fee and visa assistance fee (if needed) is payable to us after the initial interview with the ISP director and you can pay it online (JoOS platform). Please note that the visa assistance fee is different than the visa cost you will pay at the Greek Embassy.

Each semester needs to be prepaid (for all fees: tuition, housing etc.) so the cost of the first semester (4,080 euros) needs to be paid by September 15, 2021 and the second semester cost (4,970 euros) by December 15, 2021. Many times the Greek Embassy requires full prepayment. In this case the whole amount of €9,050 will need to be paid before the visa issuing. These fees can be paid by wire transfer. Any bank fees are to be paid by the student. Please go to a commercial bank that handles international wire transfers or use an online wire transfer service i.e. TransferWise. However make sure to do your own research on which service may be reliable. Before you make a request, find out what the fees are going to be.

A wire transfer requires the following information:

Bank Address: 28 L. MARATHONOS STR., 19009, PIKERMI, GREECE
Beneficiary Address: CHR. ADAMOPOULOU 8, 19009, PIKERMI, GREECE
IBAN: GR5901105310000053120072151

To see its equivalent in USD ($) please use the following link:

Other currencies will not be acceptable for payment.

The above costs include the following:

  • Pre-departure material
  • Airport meet and assist services on arrival
  • Orientation and acculturation activities
  • Wireless access to free Internet
  • Student lounge area
  • Student support services
  • Organization of co-and extracurricular activities and travel cost for core courses
  • Transcripts sent to home institution
  • Graduation fee

Fees do not cover the cost of travel to and from Greece or personal expenses which may be (prices are estimations):

  • Textbooks / supplies: $350
  • The costs for the ISIC (International Student Identification Card): €30
  • Travel and/or health insurance: $600
  • Passport: $160
  • Visa Cost - Payable to the Greek Embassy in the country of origin: $150
  • One round trip air fare student price – approximately $1,000 (the price of airfares usually drops after September 1.) Presenting your ISIC card should qualify you for a 25% discount.
  • Optional tours / incidentals / spending money and extra food: $2,000. Please bear in mind that part of the incidentals / spending money will be used by you to purchase food and meals during supper, on weekends and holidays when the dinning room is closed.

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