"...entrust these things to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." - 2 Timothy 2:2



Do I need to know Greek?

No! All instruction and exams are in English.


What is the total cost for a semester for room, board and tuition?

Fall semester: €2,900
Spring semester: €3,560
Total for the year: €6,460 (€6,390 for the full year if paid in full in the fall)


Where is the school located?

The school is located on the eastern outskirts of Athens, at the halfway point on the original Marathon run, just a few miles from the Aegean Sea.


Will my next school accept credits from the International Student Program?

GrBC is recognized as a post-secondary school by the Greek Ministry of Education. GrBC is accredited through the European Evangelical Accrediting Association (EEAA), which is a member of the International Council of Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE). Through the ICETE, the EEAA is linked to other regional accrediting associations. In addition, the International Student Program credits are acceptable for transfer purposes through Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. Other universities and colleges in the United States and Canada may also accept credits earned at the GrBC.*

* Students should be aware, however, that the final decision regarding the transfer of credits rests with the receiving institution, and that not all credits may transfer.


To which schools do the International Student Program graduates transfer?

Completers of the International Student Program are currently enrolled in a number of colleges and universities. Past students have attended or are currently attending Moody Bible Institute, Taylor University, Liberty University, Wheaton College and community colleges throughout the United States and Canada.


What is the application deadline and fee?

July 1st of each year. Students should include $50 USD or €35 which is a non-refundable Application fee, payable to the Greek Bible College.


What can I study in the International Student Program?

The main areas of study include Bible, missions, evangelism, and theology. The program is designed to equip you to understand the Word of God and its significance for your life and ministry.


How many courses will I take during the academic year?

You will take 13 courses, and earn up to 39 semester hours. These courses are accepted for transfer for the Associate in Arts degree (AA Degree) through Liberty University. Two courses in New Testament Greek and two in Modern Greek are offered as options. You can complete the second year of study via distance learning, or on the campus of LU. Classroom instruction, seminars, research, and field trips are all used to enhance the learning process. Courses meet for a total of 45 contact hours and are each equivalent to three semester credit hours.


Where will I live?

You will be living and studying in the dorms of the Greek Bible College on campus. The dorms are located in a safe residential area.


Will my financial aid transfer?

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the US Department of Education is unavailable, since GrBC is not recognized in the USA.


How many students attend the International Student Program each semester?

The GrBC enrolls on average 30 students each semester. About a third are in the International Student Program and the remainder are enrolled in a parallel program taught in Greek. A seminar format is generally adopted for classes taught in the International Student Program.


What are the demographics of the students?

The average age ranges from 18 to 35, with students coming mainly from the United States and Canada, but with others having in the past come from Europe, Australia, and South Africa.


Do I need a VISA to study in Greece?

Students coming from non-Schengen Treaty countries or from outside the EU, who will be in Greece for more than 90 days should apply for a student visa. For further information about student visas, please contact the Greek Consulate in your area. GrBC will supply additional information upon your acceptance into the program.


Can I work in Greece?

It is possible to work in Greece only if you obtain a work permit. This is typically only possible for EU citizens.


What if I need to see a doctor while in Greece?

All illness should be reported to the Dean of Students immediately. The school maintains a list of English speaking doctors and can make other recommendations of specialists. Doctors are expected to be paid cash. Keep the receipt so that it can be forwarded to your insurance company.


Can I purchase over-the-counter medication that I need?

Some medications are available in Greece without prescription. Medication, however, may be available under a different commercial name. If there is a special medication that you need, it is safer to bring it with you. It is difficult to have medication mailed to you.


Can my parents visit me while the school is in session?

It is strongly recommended that any visit from your parents, friends or family be restricted to Christmas or Spring break. You cannot miss classes because your parents are visiting.


What about Christian Ministry service?

Can you image serving God in the very place where the Apostle Paul served the Lord and his church? Athens is a hub of activity in spreading the gospel and helping Christians grow. There are opportunities to serve in a variety of ministries. In fact, the Greek Bible College requires all students to participate in at least one Christian Ministry Service during each semester that they attend as a full time student. Areas of Christian service in which students have previously been involved include: discipleship, refugee feeding ministries, ministry to victims of human trafficking, ministries to the homeless and marginalized, as well as service in Christian education and evangelistic efforts. You can serve in such ministries either through local churches or mission organizations.

Christian ministry service may include any, or all, of the following:

• Evangelism
• Discipleship
• Tutoring/mentoring
• Alleviation of human suffering
• Assisting the underprivileged and those at the bottom of society
• Christian Education and development of children/adults (Sunday School)
• Missions (short-term mission trip beyond Greece)


Can I contact a former student?

We have former students who have completed the program who would be pleased to relate their experiences to you.

Contact our International Student Advisor by e-mail: contact@grbc.gr


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