"...entrust these things to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." - 2 Timothy 2:2

Courtney Anding

(alum. International Student Program)

When I first came to Greece I had no idea that the Bible College existed. I had committed to come for a year to help with a community center for kids. During that summer here I learned about the College and was encouraged to attend during my year here in Athens. I accepted the invitation and was greatly blessed with the things I learned while studying there. I not only learned great truths about the Bible but also learned how to live out what the Bible tells us. My favorite thing about the Bible school was the teachers. We had some great teachers come in and they spent some wonderful time with us. We learned just as much outside of class as we did in class. The setting of the school is a small close knit community where you are able to spend time with each other and the teachers. They are more than teachers – they are mentors, spiritual leaders, encouragers, and sources of profound wisdom.

After finishing the Bible School I went home to raise support to be a full time missionary here in Greece. I have now been here for two years outside of that first year and have been challenged in many ways. I have learned and continue to learn that we must rest in the hands of our Great Creator, that we must trust in our Heavenly Father, that we must love as He has loved us, and that we must give ourselves up for the glory of His name.

I am now fully committed to the kids of the community center and am encouraged to watch God work in the lives of such young children. God has also blessed us with a soccer team that we are able to not only lead in the sports realm of things but to live life with kids that are becoming young adults. We are honored to show them God’s love and show them that they are special in our eyes and in the eyes of their Maker.

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